Unreal 5

The Unreal Engine 5 video game engine is looking more and more real! Upscale software on the way!

More details at the Unreal Engine Press Room!


Must share!

The real reason for all the delays is I’ve constantly been taking up new projects, always having new ideas of perfectionism, and I’m in the process of saving up to move to a 2 bedroom cottage style house (mini house) instead of this 1 bedroom apartment.

It’s a mini house, but over twice the size of this apartment. It’s very important, because I’ll have a home office to do Azure based work for my employer, these personal programming projects mentioned on this website, my fitness yoga and perfectionism of karate in.

I’m sub zero for winter! Epic fatality.


COVID-19 so frightening, less frightening!

I would concur with the United States government in that the already perfected for the public vaccination regiments based on advanced food alchemy and advanced bio-chemistry (to my personal knowledge) are utmost strong against any variants such as Omicron or Delta and we can be assured that COVID-19 does self-evolve like an organism, but that is only fear for the unvaccinated to have.

I urge any readers to please get vaccinated for free, you only need insurance (welfare counts) and a state ID for any Walmart to give you your needed regiments.

Eventually the less people we have at risk will have smushed the virus into not existing. Get it done folks! It’s free!


Upscale with Unreal Engine 5

The primary task of engine is to upscale any Unreal Engine 4 game to Unreal Engine 5 quality and frame-rate is going utmost well, but other developments will take individual attention. Thus, I plan to release 2 separate upscale engines with catchy code names of course

Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5 Upscale: KOMBAT SCALE as Mortal KOMBAT 11 was the primary test subjective. It should bring the PlayStation 4 library to new heights.

Alternative Unreal Engine 5 Upscale: Bit Scale as it is primarily supposed to bring the PlayStation 1-3 libraries to new heights


A draft of soon to come! — Full social network for gamers. — Full web search engine. — A complete surprise to come regarding PlayStation 5 and Unreal Engine 5. I’ve been perfecting this with all of my off-duty work time like Gamer Hell. — Programmer’s database. — A place to discuss released software. — My first open source software in awhile. It will be a web application to track user and employee time logs.

Stay tuned for more details and results!


What’s the hold up?

This one personal project, THE 👁 IRIS SILO ENCRYPTION ARCHETYPE PROTOTYPE has left all of my projects to pending while I steadily study the MICROSOFT AZURE platform to perfection my college level certification exams and employment.

As we develop the CPU archetype of the legendary super villain to the Transformers, Sire Unicron. — Why this Microsoft developer support is not a master of the Azure platform yet, is that the front end relations of the platform and Customer Relations Management system of the platform, that have been perfected, are in fact a whole another ballpark.


Cost effective hosting!

To make myself more clear about the dedicated server switch instead of Microsoft cloud hosting switch, that I made this week was all for cost effective reasonings. When needing more than one dedicated server and your total cost exceeds $200 for your website solution, than Azure cloud hosting is more cost effective, but for now this website network runs perfectly on one strong $70 dedicated server. Also, Intel Core Xeon all the way for the best server performance!


So busy!

I’ve been too busy lately with my new technical support job for Microsoft Azure too bad to roll out my promised features package, but this website network is officially on a new octa-core Intel Xeon server and I keep on doing as much work for this website network and my profession as possible. Stay tuned folks!

In case you’re wondering, Microsoft Azure is the cloud based hosting solution of Microsoft company in which websites are stored on a network of servers instead of a shared allocation on a dedicated server as this website was before or on an entire dedicated server as was my new upgrade decision from shared hosting.

Why dedicated server, you ask? If I work as support for Microsoft Azure the largest and strongest cloud solution known to mankind?! Well the answer is simply, while cloud hosting is a better solution for many reasons, like it puts your data across a network of multiple secure computers to meet all of your needs and news on demand with the utmost redundancy, nothing is better than having your own system all to yourself gives me hopes that Microsoft Azure one day offers dedicated server solutions and not only cloud hosting solutions.


Content Compiling

For the next week or so from 8/30/2021 my personal laptop will be encrypting (making secure) and compiling (computer style loading up for instant use), all new search engine and interaction content that will rivalry the infamous, and will be fully legal and fully enjoyable for all ages and people as will be all user contributed content.

This should all be ready by [to be announced], unless my personal laptop is not strong enough to compile the new website software.

All you have to do is keep consistently checking back.
All of this, coming soon. 
All already completed projects.
Only pending compile of apps.
  • International News Network Search Engine.
  • Gaming News Network Search Engine.
  • Medical News Network Search Engine.
  • Music News Network Search Engine.
  • Movie News Network Search Engine.
  • How-To Video Network Search Engine.
  • Poll and discussion features to merit the search engines.
  • 120 or so unique, Gaming Sound Scores by Shaun (myself) that will also be featured on Tik-Tok and Spotify.
  • An Apple App Store application to compliment this website with it’s own web browser much like Fire Fox.
  • Git-Hub style Open Source Programming Documentations, only on SHAUNDJ.COM.
  • Last, but never least, the Snow Storm Game Engine that will one day sell the Snow Storm Box for gaming to render/display blockbuster quality graphics/effects during live gameplay and of course, utmost intense computer tasks.

Eventually, this will be the objective…

Thank you! We are all on our way to greatness. 🙂


The Utmost Basic Rule of Cyber-security and Information-Security

We must never forget that when dealing in Cyber-security and Information-security, the utmost basic rule is specific aligns with secure, like an invented analogy. We begin by only having specific channels of entry/incoming and exit/outgoing rules for signals or information. If we must be unspecific, then we must have specified rules, or we are automatically insecure, even if secure by all other means or through other means such as system firewall. The program may be immune to attacks or theft or intrusion, etc. or else, but remains insecure unless is specific by all means and in all ways.