Content Compiling

For the next week or so from 8/30/2021 my personal laptop will be encrypting (making secure) and compiling (computer style loading up for instant use), all new search engine and interaction content that will rivalry the infamous, and will be fully legal and fully enjoyable for all ages and people as will be all user contributed content.

This should all be ready by [to be announced], unless my personal laptop is not strong enough to compile the new website software.

All you have to do is keep consistently checking back.
All of this, coming soon. 
All already completed projects.
Only pending compile of apps.
  • International News Network Search Engine.
  • Gaming News Network Search Engine.
  • Medical News Network Search Engine.
  • Music News Network Search Engine.
  • Movie News Network Search Engine.
  • How-To Video Network Search Engine.
  • Poll and discussion features to merit the search engines.
  • 120 or so unique, Gaming Sound Scores by Shaun (myself) that will also be featured on Tik-Tok and Spotify.
  • An Apple App Store application to compliment this website with it’s own web browser much like Fire Fox.
  • Git-Hub style Open Source Programming Documentations, only on SHAUNDJ.COM.
  • Last, but never least, the Snow Storm Game Engine that will one day sell the Snow Storm Box for gaming to render/display blockbuster quality graphics/effects during live gameplay and of course, utmost intense computer tasks.

Eventually, this will be the objective…

Thank you! We are all on our way to greatness. 🙂