So busy!

I’ve been too busy lately with my new technical support job for Microsoft Azure too bad to roll out my promised features package, but this website network is officially on a new octa-core Intel Xeon server and I keep on doing as much work for this website network and my profession as possible. Stay tuned folks!

In case you’re wondering, Microsoft Azure is the cloud based hosting solution of Microsoft company in which websites are stored on a network of servers instead of a shared allocation on a dedicated server as this website was before or on an entire dedicated server as was my new upgrade decision from shared hosting.

Why dedicated server, you ask? If I work as support for Microsoft Azure the largest and strongest cloud solution known to mankind?! Well the answer is simply, while cloud hosting is a better solution for many reasons, like it puts your data across a network of multiple secure computers to meet all of your needs and news on demand with the utmost redundancy, nothing is better than having your own system all to yourself gives me hopes that Microsoft Azure one day offers dedicated server solutions and not only cloud hosting solutions.

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